Spiegelman Family


Spiegelmans as descended from
Leible and Blima Spiegelman of Mordy, Poland


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The reunion weekend began at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Emeryville on Friday, October 10th with the Schlussel family (Len, Steve, and Karen) meeting up with Ed and Julie Friedman, Sandy Plone, and Joy Rabin. We sat around getting to know each other and ended up having dinner in the Hotel bar.


Joy and Len


Sandy and Ed


Karen, Steve and Julie

The next morning, the Planning Committee was up and out early, at the Synagogue starting set up at 11 am. There were centerpieces for the tables, information and pictures about Mordy Poland, and of course, the Family Tree. I think everyone was impressed with the whole 88 feet! I sure was.


Beverly Becker and Jim Offel


Stephen Becker


Steve and Len Schlussel

We thought sure that people would start trickling in sometime after 3 pm, but were surprised by multiple carloads at 2:45. Although there were some last minute cancellations we also had some last minute addtions.

PaulsPics101208343 thisdarnthing

The gathering of the Clan.

Half of the family tree printout. . .

. . . and here is the other half!
Steve Schlussel was busy committing the chart to memory.

IMG0076 IMG0079

Here are Paul Lavrischeff, Karen Schussel and Janet Offel . . .

. . . and Soluna, Marcia and Aviv Delgadillo

Photos of attendees were placed next to their spot on the family tree.
This is Roxanne & Stan Cohn with Heidi Feldman.

Sunday morning, 53 of us reconvened in the Hotel for a brunch. We schmoozed for a few hours and said our goodbyes to our new found cousins and the ones we knew all of our lives.

LenSchlussel IMG0085

Len Schlussel acted as Minister of Finance for the Sunday Brunch.

Attendees enjoyed more camaraderie during the Sunday brunch.


Some fun facts from the reunion:

  • 161 people attended the reunion.
  • The oldest attendee was Jeanette Bronstein (age 91 years, 2 months).
  • The youngest was Brett Thomas (age 1 and a half years).
  • Those travelling the farthest were Leslie & Ricky Yoffey of Devon, England (5,289 miles).
  • The Family Tree was 88 feet long and listed 1846 individuals.

The hard-working members of the Reunion Committee

Seated, left to right: Midge Offel, Jim Offel, Len Schlussel

Standing, left to right: Jan Offel, Stephen Becker, Karen Schlussel,
Beverly Becker, Melanie Spiegelman, Steve Schlussel

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Additional family information can be found on the
"Spiegelman Clan Reunion 2008" Facebook Page


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